Fingaz on episode 6: More Than Meets the Eye

I thought my Check Up From the Neck Up butterfly creation was good!

I thought winning the Thief card was an advantage because most of my competitors LIVE by the glue gun!!! Taking it away will show how creative they actually are!

I used it on Tsunami because he was my Glam Slam opponent!! It’s only fair to use it on my opponent! It wouldn't be fair to use it on Lexi and or Minista, because they were not my battle opponents.

For the Glam Slam matchups, I put myself up against Tsunami because I feel like he has a boatload of creativity and his work is actually good! I didn’t want to go up against Lexi and Minista because we had battled before. Regardless of past decisions based upon what the judges thought, I wanted to go up against someone who actually had talent (not saying that my past competitors didn’t). Even if I did lose, I lost by it being in a FAIR GAME!!! This is a friendly competition, and Tsunami and I are cool peoples, so going up against him without any preconceived feelings on how he don't deserve this wasn't in my mind at all.

I’m going to be very honest in the things I am about to write. I'd rather say them more than anything!!! Lexi came into this game as a strategic player. Me and the other competitors didn't see it at first, but she did! I wasn't the only one upset about the situation so I will explain what happened. When we did the Check Up challenge, Lexi put forth NO EFFORT AT ALL!!!!! Here we are, the FINAL FOUR, 2 Steps closer to $100k and all you do is put some highlighted streaks in someone's hair and call that fantasy???? But her strategy is to do badly during Check Ups and WOW the judges in the Glam Slam. I love Lexi, don't get me wrong, but I hate when people try and play the VICTIM ROLE!!!!!! That's not cool! I didn't tell her she didn't deserve to be here, I said, "If you wanna be here, you got to WORK HARD for this just like ANYBODY ELSE IN HERE." I’m sure that everyone will agree. I’m a real person, and I like people telling me the truth and not babying the situation. I’m not going to stroke Lexi's ego, and that's what she wanted. I was trying to get her to see that there will come a time in her life that is not about the "Brady Bunch." It’s real and people actually work for a living. NOTHING is FREE!!!!


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