Fingaz on episode 8: The Total Package

The fact that there was no Check Up challenge this week made me think that it was time to get down to the nitty gritty. Going into the final challenge, my heart was racing and I was very nervous because after this, there will be no more competition, no more Check Up From the Neck Up.

When I heard what the final challenge was, I felt like it was my element!!!! Doing clothing out of hair is what I do!!! I just wish I put ALLLL my time into the dress and had my assistant do the other styles, but it’s all good!

I was excited to see my old roommates J-Rok and Valley Girl!!! I wished that they were able to share this experience with me in the final 3. Valley Girl was VERY helpful as my assistant!!! Having her as an assistant was awesome, I just wish I had used her a little more wisely.

These are the three stages of a relationship that I tried to portray:

1st stage: My husband and I were dating my senior year in high school. We grew up in church together. That’s what the 2 buildings represented.

2nd stage: I was 21 and pregnant, and our life really started to take a turn.

3rd stage: The SPAIN-INSPIRED DRESS was actually symbolic on where I want to spend my honeymoon. Having a child before marriage can put that dream on hold.

It actually felt ok being the first to be eliminated because I KNEW that I really won deep down inside!!! People don't realize that the ones who DONT win are the ones that will WORK THE MOST. Examples are as follows: Jennifer Hudson, Clay Aiken, and many others.

Congrats to Minista for winning. She worked pretty hard on her 3 pieces and Cajmonet was a big help.

One thing that I learned from being on the show is that you can do ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING you put your mind toooo!!! No matter how big or how small, it’s your world of fantasy and anything is possible.

My quote: "When man closes a window of opportunity, God opens DOORS!" What God has for me is for me, and winning the prize money wasn't for me. Therefore I know He has something GREATER in store, just'll see!

Be blessed and thanks for all of your support!!! Love y'all!!!!!

See what Minista has to say about winning Hair Battle Spectacular here.
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