Minista on episode 5: Shake It, Dont Break It

Last time they had us using our barber skills for the challenge. I was one of the lucky ones that actually knew how to use clippers to create a design, but many of my other competitors were not as fortunate. This week it was possible that there would be a challenge that I was not especially proficient in. So when Derek J announced that no electricity could be used in the challenge, I did not know what to expect...

But wonderful for me, it was a braiding challenge. I have been braiding hair since I was about 4 years old. My great grandmother would let me braid her hair for her wigs when I could barely hold a comb because my hands were so tiny. I would braid and unbraid, braid and unbraid until by the age of 7, I was a mini master at the craft. I would braid my little sisters, cousins, and girl at the park. I then began teaching others to braid and formed somewhat of a Braid Gang. Imagine, a group of young girls armed with hair grease and a comb, raising money in the neighborhood to support their bubble gum, candy, and potato chip habits...youthful fun!

Furthermore, if you truly want to create a masterpiece, you don't need electricity to do it! I was elated that the challenge was a braiding challenge, especially since many of my other housemates didn't know how to braid at all. Fingaz would be my only competitor and she is good. The final decision would be up to Derek J...who did he feel deserved immunity this week?

After Fingaz got immunity for the check up, I knew that Lexi definitely was not going to pair me and herself up. She saw me as a threat. When Lexi mentioned that she could beat Valley Girl, I noticed a bit of arrogance in her tone. Out of everyone left in the competition, I thought she should be the most humble. When I confronted her in front of everyone later, she denied saying it at all, but it was caught on film...(the power of the record button). Fingaz noticed that she had turned colors which was an indicator that she was lying. It didn't matter to me whether she thought she could beat Valley Girl or not, just don't be a liar. I don't want to live with liars or sleep in a den of thieves. I wanted Valley Girl to "beat" Lexi underneath the table with HIP HOP.

When we got into the ring, my focus as always was to have fun with the battle. I was celebrating my West Indian heritage and Rastafarian roots. I worked so hard on that piece and made it massive. It was by far the largest piece to enter the ring. I used the correct order of colors, green gold, and red. I then made my hat and bra top to match my model’s. I was ready to party! Going up against Tsunami was interesting. He is a really creative dude and such a sweetheart. I didn't want to hurt the good guy. I glanced over at his piece a couple of times and was really impressed. I thought that Tsunami's guitar looked incredibly realistic but next to my oversized hat, it was just too simple for this battle.

Everyone saw my first hairpiece fall over and then my wedding cake. It felt as though the weight of the world and my chances at $100,000 by making it to the final 4 was on my model's head. I knew that I was attempting something so outrageous by allowing my model wear such a large "hat" while doing the 3 dance moves in the ring. I was not playing safe. I knew that everyone was expecting my hairpiece to fall again and probably hoping that it would. I was proud that I had the courage to go above and beyond on this hairpiece. As my model took her final bow, "Encore, Encore", I heard the crowd say...but you have to wait until next week for that...


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