Minista on episode 6: More Than Meets the Eye

I was hip to her strategy and I wanted to expose it. This all around was a week for self-examination. As I have told everyone before, I am a minister. As a minister, I have committed to a life of service to others. Encouraging others and supporting their self-esteem is something that I do on a daily basis in and outside of the salon environment. The opportunity to win $100,000 was occupying my every thought. I was no longer thinking with a mindset of sharing and love but a mind of self-preservation...I need to secure my place in the final four.

When we received the challenge for the Check Up From the Neck Up, I was happy to have the opportunity to try something different. Derek J is constantly saying that they do not want for us to use Styrofoam and to show some other skills. When I finished my piece, I was so proud at what I had accomplished in the time that was given. But Derek J's critique to me said that I was not executing "signature Minista" hair. What did that mean? I began to feel the pressure again. I felt like I had to go bigger and harder than ever in the Glam Slam to prove that I was worthy of the top three position.

When looking at my competition, I felt that Sexi Lexi was still here in the running but was not even trying during Check Ups. I felt that there were so many stylists that should have still been in the competition based on skill, and she was not one of them. I felt that she was playing her own game of victim/victor...if she looked bad in the Check Up, then whatever she put together during the Glam Slam would be looked at as a masterpiece. I was hip to her strategy and I wanted to expose it.

I was really impressed with Lexi's final piece. Once again, she pulled a rabbit out of a hat and delivered when it was time for the Glam Slam. I felt that she used lots of creativity and thought. I was actually proud of her but as my competition, I did not want to feed her that energy. I had to let her think that I did not like her work. She cares what others think and lets that affect her work. I would have to use that as a part of my strategy against her now.

When my hairstyle fell during the Glam Slam, I was crushed. I immediately realized that I had gone so far from my virtues of being a stand for peace, unity, and respect that I forgot to put the love into my work. I was not confident in my piece and therefore it could not STAND. My piece represented my loss of focus, intention, and dedication. It fell and I was humbled. I am not better than anyone else. All of us have our good days and bad days. I get to be compassionate to others, even to my competitors...even though this is a competition, this is life and we all have feelings. I remembered this as I felt my feelings hurt. I was going home.

With a second chance at the competition, I felt a renewed sense of focus. I get to remember all the people that I am a stand for. I get to remember that this opportunity is for the improvement of not only my life, but for all those that I touch and inspire. I get to commit to executing work that is worthy of $100,000 every time! I got my confidence back and no longer felt the need to pick on Lexi, Fingaz, or anyone. I had to keep my eye on the prize. I knew that GOD was on my side and the judges felt my passion as well.

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