Minista on episode 7: Bright Lights, Big City

After the previous GLAM SLAM, I felt that I needed to bring my A game to make sure that the judges knew that they did not make a mistake by keeping me in the competition. For the Check Up challenge, I got “sexy leather glam” and had never seen such a hat for an outfit before, so I had to make it up. I chose inspiration from the lines of the outfit and the textures. It was difficult, but at this point I could not let the challenge get to me...I was skating on thin ice because I was almost sent home.

I felt that my design came out beautifully. My model was impressed and wanted to wear her hat home. It was really cool and of course I felt that I had proven to myself that if I focus my energy in the right direction, I could do anything, even design a hair hat!

So last week it seemed that FINGAZ and I were finally seeing eye to eye. Sexi Lexi was a using a strategy in this competition that was working against us both. We were able to join forces to shine the light on the "game" she was planning and we held that flashlight together! But this week, when Tsumani made up battle opponents, all of a sudden FINGAZ flipped on me. I couldn't believe how easily she turned on me. She was mad that I was still in the competition and wanted me gone. I was now the underdog.

Everybody wanted me gone. Even though my hair pieces have fallen in GLAM SLAM challenges, my competitors still saw me as fierce competition. EVERYONE in the house had it out for me. Tsunami wanted to help along the process of getting me sent home by taking away an hour from my time to prepare for the GLAM SLAM. I was PISSED. I was not going to let it be a "nice" experience for anyone involved...they were about to experience another side of MINISTA...I lost it!

My sons love video games. Every time there is a new TV show, movie, or cartoon, they can't wait for the video game version. I drew inspiration from them and created HAIR BATTLE SPECTACULAR, the VIDEO GAME. With only 5 hours to work on my hair piece, my original idea of creating a TV screen was replaced with 3D glasses. I loved the way it came out even though I wish I had more time to work on it.

Lexi once again did an amazing job in the Glam Slam. I thought that her vortex idea was cool.

Standing in the bottom again, I did not know which way the judges would go. I did not think that I had the worse hairstyle of the night, but the judges were full of surprises lately. When I realized that I was in the final three, I was elated even though I was now the underdog. At that moment, Derek J's voice "LIT" up my life and I was ready for whatever came next...or so I thought.


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