Minista on episode 8: The Total Package

The anxiety of the moment was tremendous and I could no longer feel my fingers or toes. I woke up extra early to prepare for what lay ahead. All over my mirror I had hung inspirational quotes and pictures that symbolized what success would look like for me that day. I stared at a quote, "If you do your best, you don't have time to worry about failure." I was committed to doing my best.

When I walked into the salon and there was no Check Up challenge for this week, I knew instantly that they were planning to make us WORK for the grand prize. As Brooke began to describe what the final challenge was going to be, a sense of peace and calm came over me. I felt that no matter what happened from here, it would be perfect. I no longer felt like I was in a competition against anyone else but myself. "I" was my biggest competitor at this time. It was not a challenge against Fingaz and Tsunami, but a challenge for myself...3 hair designs and a dress, I had never done that before in such a short time.

When J-Rok, Valley Girl, and Cajmonet walked into the salon, I began to experience mixed emotions. My soul was happy that they were there. I am truly a fan of their work but I had "won" against each of them in a sense. I was still here competing for $100,000. Were they just as happy to see me? Would they really support the finalists in winning or would they sabotage our work? I had to summon my faith. There was no time to doubt.

I was actually delighted that Cajmonet was chosen to be my assistant. It was no secret that I thought that J-Rok and Valley Girl both have excellent styling skills but Cajmonet has a determination that is unmatched. I knew that she was DETERMINED to prove that she was worthy to be in this competition and what better way to do that than support someone in winning? She also has the foundation skills that I sometimes took for granted. Tsunami did me a big favor teaming me up with her. Most importantly, Cajmonet believed in my vision!

For the three stages of the relationship, I was inspired by ancient Egyptian mythology and biblical stories. I thought of what it meant to truly be in love. I was inspired by the notion of soulmates and how INTENSE that bond can be.

When I was actually standing there waiting for the announcement to be made, I had a flashback moment. All of the events of the previous weeks came flooding into my head. The 1st Check Up From the Neck Up, the Wedding Cake challenge, being saved from elimination...I could not believe that I had made it this far. It was incomprehensible...why me? Obviously, the judges saw something in me that I must have not even recognized in myself.

The anxiety of the moment was tremendous and I could no longer feel my fingers or toes. The room was completely silent even though there were hundreds of people could hear a pin drop. When Derek J said that I had won, it was like I was in a dream world. I could process that this journey was over, that I had come out victorious, and in spite of all perceived faults I WAS THE WINNER!

I am so grateful for this opportunity to see how I show up under extreme conditions. I was not proud of my behavior in some circumstances but I am glad that through it all GOD has never left my side. I am committed to being a motivating and inspirational factor to others. I will teach my children that it is important to show respect, humility, and exercise courage while accomplishing any goal. I will take the lessons that I have learned throughout this experience and use them to uplift and encourage others who desire to manifest success. I also learned that foundation is not just a hair skill but also a life skill. In order to build any success and reach high heights, my foundation has to be strong. I am taking this opportunity to build a strong foundation with my family and children.

I just want to say thank you to all of the judges for seeing my vision and offering constructive feedback. I would like to send my love to all the contestants. This was one of the most amazing and talented groups of people that I have ever met and I am glad to have been in such good company. Peace and Abundance to you all.

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