When my design toppled over, I was very disappointed.

This week had a lot going on. First of all, I was really concerned about Malibu leaving for medical reasons. Even though she was fierce competition, I did not want to see her leave on those terms. After seeing her, I was confident she would be all right. Malibu is a strong woman.

Then we get the bouquet challenge, which I was extra excited about because my mother used to be a wedding planner when I was younger and I know bouquets. I thought it would be one of the easier challenges for me since I had experience with floral arrangements, but I guess I was wrong.

Next, I had the huge responsibility of choosing battle opponents, and in honor of Malibu I wanted to go with who she would have paired up. I was nervous because I saw how the pairing backfired on Fingaz, but I just had to trust in my skill and ability no matter who I went against.

So when my design toppled over, I was very disappointed. I thought that my cake design was very original and worthy of Glam Slam but when it fell, I knew I was going home for sure. After I still won the battle against Boss, I was so shocked. I was thinking..."someone must have been praying for me."


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