Sexi Lexi on episode 6: More Than Meets the Eye

Out of the four remaining contestants, I think Fingaz is probably my biggest competition at this point. She's been consistent with her pieces and she's had a lot more experience. I have a lot of respect for her work.

I was nervous while working on my blowfish Check Up hair style because I think I put too much pressure on myself, especially with the other girls constantly criticizing me—it gets hard for me not to give in to it. I was really disappointed in my piece. But, I think I had a really good concept.

I think when Fingaz and Minista criticize me, they keep wanting me to say I'm a fantasy hair stylist so they can knock me down even more.

I was really proud of my blooming flower hair style. It's been my favorite piece by far. It was the highlight of my experience up to this point too. I loved seeing the judges’ eyes widen and light up.

It was so fulfilling to win that battle against Minista, especially since she was so arrogant and up front about thinking she was going to beat me, but her arrogance just came back to bite her in the a**.

It was a little bit of a bummer that Minista was not eliminated in this round just because it would have been one less person in the competition, but it was a fortunate incident for her again. She does amazing work and I think she deserves another chance. I mean, I've had a few myself.

I definitely feel like I am the underdog in this competition. I probably have the least experience of everyone, and it was hard not succeeding in each challenge, especially since I'm so used to being on top of my cut and color specialty.

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