I felt so confident going against Tsunami.

I have a ton of wedding hair experience. I do wedding hair and make-up almost every weekend and I love it! It’s so much fun talking with brides and finding their own personal style. I love when I get the pictures back, and one of my favorite things is the cake!! This totally helped me with this week’s challenge.

For the record I did not call Cajmonet out for cheating, I just confirmed it. When you’re asked if you saw something, why lie?? Remember, Cajmonet is an opponent, not a friend. When Cajmonet started yelling and calling me names, I felt like I found her weak spot—playing the victim and swearing we were all against her. This is a competition where every man is for himself. She didn't realize that all of our guards were up and that she was being watched at all times. She's older than me and acted like an immature teenager that got caught doing something bad. GROW UP!

I felt so confident going against Tsunami. He's very talented but I had the girly wedding experience. I do wonder what goes through his crazy hyper mind though!

And of course, being in the "Hair Don'ts" isn't very fun. It’s actually embarrassing in front of a huge audience! I hated it!!

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