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I almost decided last minute not to do the show because I was a little scared. My staff helped convince me I had to suck it up and do it. I always try to instill in them that there is so much you can do as a stylist and to never be limited in your skills. If I didn't take the opportunity that I had to be on the show, then I wouldn't be taking my own advice. I always try to inspire other young women to be strong and not let anything or anyone get in their way. So many women don't believe in themselves or their abilities and I wanted to go on the show to hopefully inspire others.

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I hope the show inspires people. All of the contestants came from completely different backgrounds, so I think any one of us can be relatable to viewers. I think we each show just how important it is to keep going. If you fail at something, you don't give up, you just get better. You can learn and grow in any circumstance.

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Besides the fact that I'm the only blonde in the cast, what makes me unique and stand out from the rest is that I'm a person who is easily judged. I think that's what makes me unique. Even though it's annoying, it works to my benefit a lot of the time. When you can prove someone wrong, they remember you.

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This season you can expect to see my passion, for my love of hair and for my family.

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