Blondie on Episode 3: Who Let the Dogs Out

My bomb was original and clever. First let me say, this show is pretty ambitious. lol. The challenges are starting to get even harder and the timing given is insane. This challenge is set up to not just see us all go crazy but to see how we handle time management. That's what I got from it anyway. Being a wedding stylist, I'm always under pressure with the clock. I need to be fast and efficient and I got that in the bag. No pun intended ;) I got the backpack. Which is interesting. I've never made anything like this before. The shape of a backpack is tough and it definitely is a bigger piece as opposed to other accessories. I had to figure out how much time I would give to each. I went old school and made a sack type of backpack to save me some trouble. I liked my end result. I did the best I could with the time I had.

I was so excited to see the dogs! It was weird though. I saw a dog that looked like mine and I immediately got homesick. I got the German Shepherd and immediately I thought of a cop dog. I originally had a completely different idea than what I ended up making. My original thought was making my model into a cop and her hair piece having sirens etc...pretty fantasy...but, when I went to the dog store to find what I needed to help pull off the idea, they didn't have anything I could use that would really make my idea come to life. Part of what I was thinking was that I would make this bomb and my dog would sniff it out in my performance. But, I walked into the salon and literally at that moment I said screw it...I'm just making the bomb. I was too worried about the other piece not working and the bomb idea I had liked. As I was making it, I LOVED it more and more. I KNOW, Nostradamus was looking over at my detail and sweating bullets. I saw him looking at Queen B (his new sidekick). I put a lot of thought into my pieces. I had a pink wire that represented me and a blue wire that represented Nostradamus. The time on the clock was 5:00. No one else would know why I chose that time, but that number is significant in my family and it meant something to I was homesick and these people I was around 24/7 are slowly annoying me more and more. I'm like a ticking time bomb at this hair piece was definitely suiting me right now.

Being a Hair Don't was whack. Are you kidding me? I lost to the fiesta?! lmao what a joke. I'm sorry, but way to be original stereotyping your dog Nostradamus. I felt like his whole look was taken so literal. Not only that, the poncho he made was done so sloppily. My understanding is that we needed to show a completed piece of clothing. The fact that you could see all the cloth used underneath and all his wefts were showing, that alone should have been a don't. My piece of clothing may not have been cohesive with my hair piece but, really? I have a bomb on her head. What would you like me to put her in? At least what she had on was clean, neat, matched my dog and was finished. My bomb was original and clever. This was one I will pat myself on the back for and I thought for sure I got robbed...Nostradamus made a comment about my ego from winning with my Nicki piece, but there's a difference with being confident...His ego however being a Hair Do 3 weeks in a row...ohh boyyy...

I do think Queen B winning was well deserved. I thought she was waayyyy to ambitious when she told me what she was making. Watching her curl all that hair and seeing how much time it took, I thought she wouldn't finish. But, she finished! I saw her model and I was like "Wooow." She went in on that whole entire look and did it to perfection. That win was well deserved.

One more down 8 more to go.
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