Blondie on Episode 8: The Final Hairdown

Being top 3 is an amazing feeling. I came into this experience with no expectations. The main reason for me doing the show had nothing to do with the money. It was more for my absolute love for hair. I've never worked with most of the materials given to us, so to make it to the finale of the show proved to me that my love for this industry and my talents had no limit.

My motivation that kept me pushing through each challenge was my son and my relentless passion for what I do. Each challenge, I amazed myself with my creativity. I try to instill in my son to always see through on things he starts and I wanted to see through to the end of the show. I don't know that I was as motivated to win as I was to just be one of the last stylists standing on the last day.

Standing in top 3 and being the last girl left would make for some pretty proud family members, friends, and clients. I felt a big sense of accomplishment at that point.

There were many challenges I thought I would struggle with and was able to pull through. So with the challenge given to us for the finale, I was just rolling with the punches at that point. Oh you want 3 hair pieces to stay on models who really aren't models and have no experience modeling but that are dancers that will dance, not just a regular dance, but a fast one where they will shake their head and drop to the floor kinda dance and not have anything go wrong? Sure Hair Battle Spectacular...NO PROBLEM! This all coming from the girl that has very little fantasy experience let alone foundation experience (windy beanstalk swaying in the wind, and just discovered chicken wire). lol...I figured I was doomed from the beginning but, either way I was up for it.

I don't think I really understood the challenge, besides putting together a look that was about you and tying it into the song.

With my son on my mind, all I could think about was this park I used take him to and there were always dandelions everywhere. I got to thinking about the different phases they go through. I liked the idea and I ran with it.

The dandelion personified my experience on the show and who I am. The first hairpiece was a weed to represent being closed up and judged by people. I struggled with the foam board the first episode so my weed was made all out of foam board. The second look was the flower phase, when the weed opens up. This represented me opening up. I have a big heart so when I open up and people learn more about me, they see I'm not what they thought. This was made with all braids and mod-podged petals, because on one episode the mod-podge defeated me, getting stuck to the paper when I tried making flowers for my magic trick. The last phase is actually my favorite: when the flower turns white and fuzzy. The weed/flower is in its final stage and then blows away. This just represents throwing your inhibitions to the wind. Just not caring what anyone thinks and setting myself free. The last look was all done with chicken wire because it was the last foundation I figured out how to work with that no one thought I was capable of doing. I thought these pieces out from so many aspects...too deep for this kinda show?? Probably. Either way, I loved my idea and nothing else was straying me from it.

J9 coming back as Bossa's assistant was funny. I actually thought for him that wasn't a good advantage because she wanted a girl to win. Not that she would sabotage him but I didn't think she would work extra hard either.

When Bossa bugged out and destroyed his pieces, I was thinking "you have got to be kidding me." It's the quiet ones you have to watch for and honestly, I knew all along Bossa Nova had it in him to flip. I just thought poor J9 just got robbed of her opportunity to be here in the finals. I didn't really care what was going on with him. There was no time. I had to just keep moving along doing what I was doing but it was interesting to watch.

I never at any point thought anyone was my biggest competition. I'm my own biggest critic. I had been in the top on so many challenges and came in second place on times I thought I should have won. So with that thought, I was focused on trying to improve my skills and perfect things I had challenges with on previous tasks. Bossa Nova lost his mind at the end so I figured he wasn't much competition at that point. Nostradamus is talented and practically drooled for the money, so I knew he was going to do everything he could to win. It was an interesting place I was in watching what was going on around me. The least of my thoughts was competition. Putting all I had left into it was top priority and I hoped that the judges would see that.

It didn't make sense to me when I saw the braid fall. One of the things I specialize in is hair for weddings. I bobby pin things to death. I double checked everything before the girls came out onstage so I was surprised. The one good thing was the braid wasn't actually from the outside of my hair piece. It was random from the inside. So when they were done dancing, the girls still looked intact. Nothing hanging sideways, flopping around, missing, etc. So, I figured one random braid from the inside of a piece wasn't so bad, considering everyone still looked perfect and not for nothing, things could have gone a lot worse.

When Nostradamus was named the winner, I was happy for him. After seeing the way things played out throughout the show, I can't say I was surprised. He was a regular winner and I was a regular runner up. I will say I am happy to see someone with talent did win. At the end of the day, it's not about anything else besides your capabilities on each challenge. I think him and I standing there were the right ones there in the end as far as what we put out throughout the show. His winning didn't make me feel like any less of a winner. I was glad I was one of the last ones standing and I was glad to get the hell out of there and get back to what matters to me most...not family.

I learned a lot about myself on this show. I went into the competition for my own reasons and I didn't waiver. I didn't get to the end by backstabbing, being sneaky, tearing people down, or changing who I was. It was by far the craziest experience I've had. I'm grateful for the experience to show me how much my family means to me and how little money does. I'm ridiculously passionate about hair. The lengths my creativity can go to now, with the tools I've learned, makes me that much more unstoppable. Thank you to all of my fans that have followed me. I was already conquering the hair industry in Ct...Now, who knows...That's the beauty of loving what you do. Find something you’re passionate about. Something you feel down to your bones you can't live without. My family and hair will forever be those things for me. I hope you enjoyed my work as much I enjoyed making it. If I inspired one person then it was all worth it...

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