GQ on Episode 3: Who Let the Dogs Out

For this week's Check Up from the Neck Up, at first I was a bit concerned knowing that we needed to create two hair pieces. Once I got my leather glove I was set on my idea! I was going to create a Janet Jackson inspired look! Why not have a great time with a great idea? When I found out Camouflage was making a hat too, I was actually excited knowing he was making the same piece that was. All I could think of was who would make it better! I wasn't afraid to show that I can do the same look but have my own style to it.

For the Glam Slam, I was again concerned that we needed to make two hair pieces. I was wondering if time was going to be an issue. All I could do was plan and make sure my outfit was on point and also that it matched my hairstyle! I decided to create an actual dog! I mean it's a fantasy competition. Why not do something totally different than what I did in the last competition? Last Glam Slam I created an over the top hair style. This week I'm going to play with structure!

I was a bit upset that I was a Hair Don't. Again I'm sticking to the theme and I just don't quite get it. I'm excited that I got Derek J's vote. I'm tired of being on the hair don't side. Next week I have to really go in on my design.Queen B did a great job. Her hair piece matched very well with her dog. I could understand why Camouflage was eliminated. It seemed like his piece was lacking something. I know he was trying to go for something simple and close to the texture of his dog. I guess he just didn't hit it right.

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