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I was asked to audition for the show on my Model Mayhem account. I would have never auditioned on my own, because I don't watch much reality TV. Finally, when I got on the show, I realized that I had no idea what the show actually consisted of, other than hair. I YouTubed the first season to see a clip, and realized what I was in for. Whoa. My friends and family convinced me by telling me that I was an artist and had the creativity to figure it out.

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My goals and hopes for the show are mainly to show a different outlook on hairstyling. I'm not looking to be famous, though I would love to be recognized in the hair industry. I hope for new opportunities, travel, and chances to do more hair shows worldwide. I would like to meet and work with new people, focus more on my painting and art galleries, and teach people who are interested in my work new and creative tools and ideas for their craft. I hope to inspire people to be themselves and to express who they are in whichever way they choose.

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I think the fact that I'm not a "fame whore" makes me more unique than most reality contestants. I believe that most people nowadays don't deserve their media attention. Most celebrities are famous for getting drunk and acting like ignorant fools. Apparently, that’s what’s cool in 2011. Yet, being too cool isn't cool, and everyone is dying to be different. I don't care what people think about me and I do what makes me comfortable. I also have no filter, the words just flow right out of my mouth. I never take anything personally, and I don't let the dramatics or criticisms of other people consume me. I live in my own mind and my own realm and I am completely happy with what goes on there.

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This season you can expect a lot of madness, imagination, and whole lot of facial expression from me. You will hear a true Rhode Island accent. I suppose I'm the token redhead of the season, so you won't forget my hair! And you better not forget me!

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