J9 on Episode 7: Hair Heroes and Hair Zeroes

I love fairy tales, especially messed up ones. So the Check Up challenge really intrigued me. I immediately wanted Hansel and Gretel. If anyone has ever read the fairytale, they would know...this story is MESSED UP. Kind of Sad. Kind of hilarious to me. I love it. A dad abandons his children in the woods (not so funny), and they meet a witch that feeds them candy to make them more plump. So when she eats them, they have lots of fat. (very funny) then the children are going to cook her in the oven...(hahaha that’s up for you decide if that’s funny).

OF COURSE! Me with the LEAST amount of experience gets the least amount of time to finish my hair piece. I was pissed. I guarantee no one else could come up with something for Hansel & Gretel, let alone in an hour and a half.

DUH! Of course Nostradamus was going to put himself up against me in the Glam Slam. He was terrified of Blondie and Bossa Nova. This is the 2nd time he did it. (lame) He obviously didn't think I was a strong competitor and he didn't have enough balls to go up against the other 2. Blondie's aggressiveness scared him, especially after she took out his bff Queen B. I think he sh*t himself after that night. Then, Bossa Nova's foundations and structure skills terrified him. I'm in la la land and he knew I didn't give a f*ck what was going on. Did he make the right choice? I would say yes. It was smart. I didn't care either way.

I really loved loved loved the challenge of Good vs Evil. I also was so excited that I got a villain. I have always hated superheroes and I've always rooted for the villians. I think Batman's villains are insanely genius. I had so many ideas of what I wanted to do. I wanted my piece to be striking. I thought the 7 deadly sins would be brilliant, because "you are your own worst enemy" and I felt it would tell a good story. I WAS NOT HAPPY ABOUT MAKING A COSTUME! I was disgusted by the fact that I was even making human hairy clothes. I am awful at sewing! I have no concept of fitting someone. I don't even try clothes on when I go to a store! So I made huge hairy boobs. Which was a little shocking. I started losing it once I started to try to make the outfit. Gross.

Ahhhh! I was eliminated. That small-town gay-sian boy beat me. My time was up. Kaboom. The madness had to leave the building sooner or later. For not having much experience in the fantasy hair field, I was super proud of myself for making it as far as I did. I was seriously just happy for making it through the 1st episode! I never thought the competition was judged unfairly, and I think I was my time to go. I pushed my mind to the limit. Physically, burned, scratched, and bloody hands. Got through a serious pms cycle. Didn't get my usual 12 hours of sleep. Lived with people I would never normally live with. Had one cheeseburger the whole time (for my bday.) I have learned that I can do it on my own. I know that nothing in my hairdressing career will ever be as hard as going through those challenges. It has broadened my visions of art, and has led me to be a better artist. At times, I thought "why the f*ck am I on this reality show?" but now I know it was to advance my skills, and to showcase a completely different side to hairdressing, insanity, and art. I hope my madness becomes contagious, and people are inspired to lose their minds a little more often. My mind will never be flavorless. Swallow your brain, spit out your soul. Meow.
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