Mz. H2O on Episode 4: My Male Model is Prettier Than Yours

This week’s Check Up from the Neck Up challenge was fabulous. The make-up challenge gave me exactly what I needed--INSPIRATION! I chose the model with geisha inspired make-up. After last week I knew I had to bring it. So I did. Working with a broken finger was certainly slowing me down. I had to come up with a new strategy. Since it was so difficult for me to hold tools, cut wire, braid, use foam board etc. I decided enough was enough. I wasn’t going to use any of that stuff. This IS a hair competition right? So I created my entire piece with nothing but hair. I used at least ten packs of hair for this piece. My goal was to stay focused and work as quickly as possible. Time was not going to be my enemy but my friend. Within 30 minutes my hair piece was 90% completed. I was thinking, “Wow, I still have plenty of time left.” I figured I might as well keep working. With the time I had left I created a fan and a rose made out of hair to accessorize my piece. I knew it was awesome but you never know what Derek J will say. I was really nervous as Eva and Derek J approached me. He had already threatened to send me home. When Derek J told me he liked my piece I was ecstatic. This competition has been a roller coaster for me. I came in with an injury which made it hard for me to create my hair pieces the way I normally do. But I didn't let that get me down. For me this competition is all about overcoming obstacles. When I won the Check Up from the Neck Up challenge, I was thinking this is “finally the recognition I deserve!”

I was happy to receive the Dryer Down card. I was really hoping that it would give me the upper hand on my competition. I’ve been observing the other stylists’ tools of choice and not many people use their hair dryer. This made it hard to decide who I should give the Dryer Down card to. Since Blondie and I were going up against Queen B and Nostradamus, it was an obvious choice. Besides Blondie’s objective was revenge. . .

This week’s Glam Slam challenge was fun. I just knew it was going to be absolutely hilarious to watch us make over these men who have never been in drag before. What was funnier was watching them walk in heels! I can only imagine the look on my face when our model told us he had never worn or walked in high heels before. OMG!! So we had to make a hair piece, make our male model look like a fierce drag queen and teach him how to walk in heels. Now that’s a lot! I was happy we got Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I didn’t know much about the TV show but was excited to do a vampire-inspired piece.

When I found out two people were going home I was thinking it better not be me! I was just warming up and had more in my bag of tricks.

I didn’t mind being partnered with Blondie. By this point, Blondie had managed to get under everyone’s skin. I knew it was part of the other stylist’s strategy to send Blondie home. Since everyone knew that if I bomb this challenge I would go home, what better way to get Blondie sent home too. Blondie and I are both independent and strong-willed individuals. We are both confident, driven visionaries. It’s only natural for two women as strong-minded as we are to bump heads. I made some changes to our initial plan without consulting her which caused some tension between the two of us. When I know that something needs to be done, I do it. I felt adding red to the woven wings I was creating would make our piece pop more and Blondie thought it should be all black. In this completion minor details make a huge difference. We had our spats but all in all we worked it out like mature women do.

When I was named a Hair Don’t, I was thinking “Not again . . .” How is this happening? I think our hairpiece and cape was by far the best in this Glam Slam. The hairpiece Nostradomus and Queen B created looked like a repeat from last week only with different accessories. Their model was wobbling all over the runway. He even fell off. What a mess and we’re a Hair Don’t? How is this possible?

“You have been eliminated,” I was hoping I would never hear those words. It sucks!! I broke my finger the day I flew out to start this competition. I could have easily chosen to back out because I knew I was not going to be able to produce my best work. But I didn’t. I chose to keep moving and give it all I got regardless of my circumstances. We are all faced with circumstances in life that may not be what we expect but you have to take the good with the bad and make the best of it. I took the cards I was dealt and dealt with it. My purpose in this competition was to be an inspiration to other people who are faced with challenging circumstances. Don’t let someone tell you there’s something you can’t do. Always love yourself and be true to you. Never give up! If I can create the biggest, most extravagant hair pieces in 6 hours with a broken finger, then I can do anything. Know that you have the ability to do anything you put your mind to. Like Emerson said “you wouldn’t have the desire if you didn’t have the ability to achieve it.” I walked away from this experience knowing that I don’t need anyone to declare me a winner of anything as long as I know in my heart I am always a winner. I’m honored to have had this opportunity and I truly enjoyed my time on the show, but I am just getting started…you haven’t seen nothing yet.

Here’s my info below:
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