Nostradamus on Episode 3: Who Let the Dogs Out

This week’s “Check Up from the Neck Up” challenge was really exciting because I do love fashion and being able to create a handbag out of hair. It brings something different to the table. After I found out that I got a hobo, I didn’t know what it was until I realized I have one of my own. Eva and Derek J absolutely loved my handbag and said it was very high-end. Overall, the judges were very pleased with both of my designs.

To be honest this week’s “Glam Slam” was quite interesting because I have a love/hate relationship with dogs. I do think it’s really cool that we get the chance to create one item of clothing made out of hair and a fantasy style, but I’m not crazy about being inspired by dogs. I decided to choose a Chihuahua because I think that they are so adorable. They’re small and tiny with a small bark, but snappy and fierce with hard bites...just like me.

Since I used to have a Chihuahua, I decided to make a sombrero for my headpiece and a poncho for my item of clothing. I felt this would be a good choice since sombreros and ponchos are typically very colorful, which gives me the opportunity to show my creativity through the use of colors. Automatically, the first thing that comes to mind when we think about a Chihuahua is the infamous Taco Bell dog, so I wanted to make my model look like she was going to a fiesta.

I felt great when I was named a “Hair-Do” because I put a lot of work and effort into my pieces. All three judges were pretty happy with what I created and it made me feel good about the work I made. This is my third week winning and so far I’ve won all my battles. My focus is to keep my mind in the game and not get sidetracked with all the BS and drama.

When I saw Queen B’s model walk out my jaw dropped! When I looked at her model and dog they looked nearly identical to one another. Queen B is a very talented stylist and she deserves to win. Her piece was a show-stopper and I give her props.

Throughout the competition, Camouflage kept me motivated as I did the same for him. At first when I met him, I thought he would be a big military jerk, but overall he is a kind-hearted individual and I respect that about him. I understand the judges' remarks about his hair piece but when you look at it the colors remind me of a Yorkie and I think he did it right by not going so big with it since Yorkies are small dogs.
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