Nostradamus on Episode 4: My Male Model is Prettier Than Yours

This week’s Check Up from the Neck Up challenge was pretty cool because I have an eye for make-up but I’m not necessarily the best at applying it. When the models walked in, my mind was frazzled with so many ideas that were flowing through my head. I decided to go with a poison ivy theme. My thought process behind it was using the lines in her face as the vines from poison ivy. Although I was in the bottom, I can understand why my piece wasn’t as strong as my previous one and this was definitely a down week... Oh bummer!

When I found out this week’s Glam Slam challenge was creating a drag queen look inspired by a TV show, again I was thrilled because I’ve always wanted to create a fantasy drag hair piece. Once I found out that two people were going home, my jaw dropped. All I thought to myself was that I hope I get teamed up with a strong competitor. In the end, Queen B was picking the opponents and she chose me to be her partner. I was overly excited! Queen B and I are two very, very strong hairdressers and I feel she made the right decision. Queen B has her strengths and I have mine. When we put the two together, we’re unstoppable!

Queen B and I ended up working phenomenally together. We’re both very calm and collected people when we know there’s not much pressure. We kept bouncing ideas off of each other, one after the other. I would have to say we didn’t even have one argument except for if she was going to be the man or if I was going to in our performance. I believe the main reason why we worked so well together is because I work with other stylists at my salon back in Omaha. Teamwork is essential for a successful salon so I credit my experience with my co-workers for learning how to work appropriately and effectively.

When we were named a “Hair-Do,” I wasn’t surprised simply because of the judge’s positive remarks. The only judge that didn’t like our work was B Scott. However, I don’t think this had anything to do with our hair piece. More so, how good an amateur did walking in heels... ME!

When it came down to the winner of the Glam Slam, I honestly had no clue who would win. I ended up winning and I was obviously ecstatic for my first Glam Slam win! I would have to say I wouldn’t have been a winner if it wouldn’t have been for my wonderful partner Miss Queen B. I love you girl!
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