Nostradamus on Episode 6: Im a Beautician, Not a Magician

I thought that this week’s “Check Up from the Neck Up” challenge was great and allowed all of us to explore the craft of fantasy hairstyling on a more advanced level. Every week the challenges seem to get harder and harder but with each one I get more and more excited for what’s in store next. When the models walked into the salon, I noticed them looking completely different from each other and realized that they were each a fantastical creature. The animal that stood out to me the most was the griffin. Not only did I like the griffin’s large wings, but I also liked the model that went along with it. I had used that model in two previous Glam Slams and she has brought me much luck. I knew right off the bat that I had to pick her. When the timer started I immediately worked on creating an extra pair of wings. After I was done I knew it just wasn’t enough. As a result I decided to also incorporate a lion’s tail. At this point I was satisfied with my work and finished my style off by spray painting, adding feathers and making an egg and golden nugget out of hair. Eva made a comment about it being very high fashion and that she could see it on the runways. I was honored.

When Derek J came into the salon and announced that someone could be going home after the Check Up I was stunned! Since I had been in the bottom two in the previous two Check Ups, I felt like he was speaking directly to me. I knew at this point I had to bring my all.

Being the winner of the Check up from the Neck up and receiving immunity is a huge deal! This not only allows me to advance into the top four, but proves to the remaining stylists that I’m a strong competitor. As I looked around the room, I noticed that each of the contestants brought something new to the table. Overall, I thought everyone’s model looked great!

This week’s Glam Slam was very challenging. Magic tricks are great and fun to watch, but difficult to recreate. After going to the magic show, I began developing plans for my hair design. Overall, I was extremely happy with my hairstyle. My approach was to recreate a futuristic female robot by using only silver, white and blonde hair. I chose her outfit to be all white because I wanted to make her total look, including her hair, to be cohesive. I did the best I could to convey my magic trick “linking rings” on my hairstyle by incorporating various color, shapes and sizes of rings. My main objective was to be sure that the trick would be well executed on stage in front of the judges. Out of respect for professional magicians, I wanted to make sure the trick was done properly and to not encounter any malfunctions. Even though I had immunity, I could still be a hair don’t. After my performance, the judge’s remarks were great! I received positive feedback from all three of them. Taylor loved the outfit, Derek J loved my hair design and the guest magician enjoyed the execution. Kudos to me!;)

When Derek J announced that I was the winner of the Glam Slam, I was astounded. Not only did I win the Check up, but I managed to win another Glam Slam. At this point, I was ready to see what was next in store. I had so many ideas running through my head and couldn’t wait to use them. This challenge brought a lot of confidence and I knew I had to keep up my ‘A’ game. Even though I was going up against myself, I knew it would be the perfect opportunity to go outside my abilities. Another week, another hair DO! Til’ next time!
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