Queen B on HBS 201

Coming into the salon I felt optimistic and a bit nervous about meeting the other contestants. I know I'm talented, but this is a major competition, so these stylists are the best of the best! For the first 'Check up from the Neck up' challenge we had to make our hair piece 3 feet tall. I don't have a lot of experience with fantasy hair so I was extremely nervous. I think the time constraints ruffled my feathers because I didn't finish the piece completely. My model seemed very nice, but turned out to be quite dramatic. Derek J understood my vision and his criticism was right on. You could see the foundation and the red fabric just didn't work. It was constructive criticism, my favorite kind.

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Next came the Glam Slam, in which we had to design a piece based on our favorite celebrity. My celebrity was of course the other Queen B, Beyoncé! I was so excited to have her as my inspiration. She's strong, empowering, and has a sensitive, loving side. After winning my first Glam Slam, I felt good. I knew that I was the best out of our heat. I didn't win by impressing the judges. That's my goal for next time!

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When Bronx was picked to go home I was upset because she seemed like someone I could have fun with. When it came to the competitions though, I feel like it was hard for her to deliver. I love her though, and she will be missed. Until next week...

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