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Don't Cheat On Grandma

On Christmas morning in 2015, grandma decided she'd had enough...

For more on holiday-related crimes and murder, tune in to Homicide for the Holidays on December 3 at 8/7c and read our 12 Days Of Crime series here.

Christmas is supposed to be a time for giving. But in the case of Gwendolyn Brown Bailey and her husband, William Bailey, it was a time for bitter revenge. At least that’s what motivated the 73-year-old grandmother to shoot and kill her 52-year-old husband on Christmas morning 2015. That same day 27 more people were killed and 63 injured in shootings across the USA. Talk about the holiday spirit!

William was found on the front porch of the couple’s home in San Leon, Texas, on Christmas morning--definitely not the kind of thing you’d expect Santa to leave behind. After an altercation the night before, just after midnight, Gwendolyn shot him four times in the torso, and left him for dead. The reason Gwendolyn gave? “Continuous marital issues and infidelities,” which is probably more reasonable than “I didn’t like what he got me for Christmas.” But still.

When police found William on the front porch, he was still alive, and struggling for his life after being there, bleeding, all night. Meanwhile, inside the house, three of the couple’s grandchildren were staying, and it’s unclear whether they heard or saw any of the grisly crime. It was certainly an act of coal-heartedness by Gwendolyn, on many different levels. William was transported to hospital, but died upon arrival.

A neighbor told the press that the Baileys were a “sweet couple,” but you never know what resentments--and propensities towards gun violence--lie beneath a saccharine exterior. Gwendolyn’s Christmas crime was one of extreme cruelty--leaving her husband outside all night, slowly dying. If you’re sickened but a little bit curious about this crime, you can find out about other gruesome holiday crimes (many even more stomach churning than this one or eggnog) on Oxygen’s Homicide for the Holidays.

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