Michiko on episode 5: Atiba's Dilemma

I felt like my conversation with Brandi was important to have so that we could aim for the same goals and as an agent, she could make sure that I'm dealing with the right clients. If she knows the clients, she can also line up the expectations and cover all bases so that we can avoid certain situations, such as what happened at the Peter Hidalgo show. It is important for me to feel that my agent is in my corner to support my needs so that I can deliver the best job possible for the client and agency.

I feel like I still need to prove myself as a combo because Brandi took me on as a makeup artist and even though I do makeup, I really love doing hair. I just don't want to be cornered and sent only on makeup jobs through the agency. So if Brandi can see that I can also do hair, then she can consider sending me on makeup jobs, hair jobs, and both!

I felt that the job with Josie Maran went great. I was super excited to do makeup on Josie but I have to admit, I was a little bit nervous having to use her own makeup line. It's always a bit tricky using a line that you are unfamiliar with but I think overall, everything went amazing. And after trying it, I really loved Josie's makeup line. I thought that every product was great to work with and I was really impressed with how smoothly and highly pigmented the eyeshadows were. When Josie asked me to do her hair, I was thrown off a bit. I was told that I was going to meet with her to do a makeup test, so I was prepared to do makeup only. When she asked me all of a sudden to do hair, I was nervous because I wanted to give her something amazing with her hair. It's a lot of pressure to come up with something beautiful yet creative on the spot. Thank god I had my hair kit with me on hand so at least I was somewhat prepared. I felt like I had to deliver or else I could lose credibility of being a hair stylist as well.

In the end, Josie was happy with the final result, which is most important because you always want to impress your clients and for them to be happy. OMG! I felt amaaaazing and a huge sense of relief at the same time. Phew! I am thrilled that I was able to deliver a complete makeup AND hair look for Josie. I felt really good about it afterwards and am excited for the opportunity to work with Josie in the future. It just gives validation that I am strong as a combo and I can be (and should be) hired for makeup, hair or both. I feel that I proved myself as a combo and hopefully Brandi can see that I am a force to be reckoned with.


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