Michiko on episode 7: First Time for Everything

I am happy to do both makeup and hair if it is requested. I have worked with Maxim since I first came to NYC. In fact, Maxim was my first PAID job when I came to NYC, and I have worked with them since. I normally do makeup and hair for them so it wasn't a big surprise to have to do both. If I had to choose, I much prefer to do one or the other but if the job requires both, then bring it on.

Hair and makeup takes time to do. Period. For some reason if you do both, people like to assume it’s quicker (not true). Like anything, you need time to do the hair and time to do the makeup. I want to do a great job at both and never sacrifice the quality. It is the worst to be rushed. If you want something done right, then it requires a certain amount of time. I definitely consider myself a person that can work fairly quickly. I don't take forever and am aware of time on set and respect everyone else's time. I think that I did my thing as I normally do. I think despite the shoot being rushed and a bit stressful, the hair and makeup looked great and we had a successful shoot.

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