Shaun on episode 2: In Over Their Heads

I can’t stress this enough. I am not a fish out of water. In 2011 it will be 8 years that I am in the fashion industry. Believe me, when I first got started pursuing styling, I put my dues in. I did 3 internships as a matter of fact. I didn’t just wave my magic wand and voila, I got to where I am today. Doing Crystal’s dirty work was a complete waste of my talent. The tasks that were delegated to me needed to be assigned to Luiza (her other assistant) or a much less experienced assistant.

My first thoughts of working with Crystal were “O-M-G Shaun, what did you get yourself into?” She was honestly THE HARDEST person to work for, relate to, and tolerate. Quite frankly what she needed to do was hire someone who could put up with her because I certainly couldn’t nor wouldn’t.

While I am qualified to do wardrobe styling, my passion lies in personal shopping. For those of you who are unsure of what the difference is, let me explain. As a personal shopper, I shop, style and dress my clients for their everyday needs, which include events and award shows. On a photo shoot, you style and provide wardrobe just for that shoot. My clients actually buy and keep the clothing that is picked out for them, which is why I don’t have to worry about the clothing getting destroyed or ruined. Wardrobe stylists borrow clothing from showrooms that ultimately get returned in the end. As a wardrobe stylist, it’s your job to make sure the garments you borrow stay clean, intact and are returned in the condition in which they were taken in. As Atiba shows us in episode 1, you can use clips or pins or anything that will make the garment fit for the moment. If an outfit doesn’t fit my client properly, my boyfriend who is a tailor and designer is there with HIS STYLING KIT pinning, hemming etc. As a personal shopper, it’s not my job to tailor or amend the garments. I am hired to create versatile stylish looks that will make my client feel fabulous. So again I state: The reason why I was unaware of what many of the items on Crystal’s list were was because I don’t ever have to use them.

From day one, Crystal and I didn’t click. She had already assumed my qualifications and passed judgment without ever having worked with me. She knew nothing about me and what I was or wasn’t capable of doing. An intelligent boss would have reviewed and acknowledged my credentials and placed me on assignments that were appropriate for my experience. Instead, she went on an Ego trip and made me prove myself to her. WHO DOES THAT?! Not once did I ever hire interns and make them prove themselves to me. I’ve allowed their credentials to speak for themselves and gave them opportunities to grow and learn. Maybe you should learn that concept too, Crystal.

I didn’t walk in there as a superstar. I joined the B. Lynn Group and decided to work with Crystal in hopes of updating my portfolio and expanding my celebrity clientele. Stay tuned to see how it all unfolds!


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