Shaun on episode 5: Atiba's Dilemma

The "don't" look that was styled for Crystal's presentation was exactly that. It was something that you wouldn't typically wear to interview in. It's not like I had all of NYC's stores to go shopping in just to appease Crystal. I was given one store and I had to make do with that.

As always, Crystal FAILED to deliver clear detailed instructions on what she wanted. I was appreciative of Luiza trying to help me with my look, but I was extremely frustrated in that moment. How can one possibly critique or criticize when they fail to deliver clear concise instructions? You failed as a boss, therefore I failed as an assistant. You're only as good as the person who taught you. Where should I have gotten this miniskirt from?! The sky…because clearly the store you assigned didn't have one!


Once again with my 7 years of fashion industry experience, I honestly learned nothing from the Dress for Success presentation. Is this what you call "on set"? Ha—that's a joke. I never once was allowed on an actual SET with Crystal.

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