Here's What Happened on 'I'm Having Their Baby' Episode 11 (PHOTOS)

On Episode 11 of I’m Having Their Baby, we meet Kayla and Sonya, two mothers who intend to place their babies with adoptive families. Kayla was only a teen when she had her first baby Adeline, and she doesn’t feel financially stable enough to raise a second child. Her boyfriend Justin, however, is against placing the child. Already a father of two children, he wants to keep his daughter and thinks it will help him become a better man. Meanwhile, Sonya and her boyfriend Michael both agree that placing their baby is the best decision, but Sonya’s mother Julie is not on board. She vows to fight to keep her granddaughter, despite Michael’s pleas to respect their decision. Check out the photo recap of the episode here. 

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Watch a Bonus Video of Episode 10 

Watch a Sneak Peek from Episode 11 here

Watch another Sneak Peek from Episode 11 here 

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