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Crime News In Ice Cold Blood

Who Is Joel Silver, The Videographer Hired To Document The Life Of The Frasch Family?

The Tallahassee-based videographer was tasked with capturing Samira and Adam Frasch living the highlife before it all came tragically crashing down.

By Ethan Harfenist
Joel Silver

Before the Adam Frasch brutally murdered his third wife, Samira, and tore apart their family, the couple appeared to have it all — love, wealth, and happiness. To capture all the glitz and glamor that followed them wherever they went, the couple hired videographer Joel Silver.

Silver, the Tallahassee-based founder of Silver Digital Media, appears in the latest episode of “In Ice Cold Blood,” which airs Mondays at 8/7c on Oxygen. During his interview, Silver explained his connection to the Frasch family and how he got hired for the surreal gig.

“I met Samira and Adam in 2012 ... and she said, ‘We’d like to have somebody record our adventures as a family,’” Silver said, adding that Samira “had so much energy” and that she was “one of the nicest people I’ve ever met.”

Samira, who had recently moved to Florida from Paris with her wealthy podiatrist husband, called Silver’s office in Tallahassee. As he tells it, she was keen to get the cameras rolling as soon as possible. First stop? Las Vegas.

“I literally landed in Vegas, I texted them or called her and I said, ‘I’m here!’ This was a day after I met them,” Silver told NBC during a 2017 segment for “Dateline.”

The videos were not only meant to capture whatever adventure the couple and their first daughter, Hyrah, were taking part in at a given time — Samira also wanted Silver to film the reactions of passerby witnessing the family travel with such unabashed pomp and ceremony. Samira was often in gold-laden designer threads, and Hyrah was pushed around in a fur-lined stroller.

“When you watch these videos you’ll see. This is no normal site,” Silver told “Dateline.” “When Samira, Adam, and Hyrah are walking down the street. This is not something you see every day.”

For Silver, hearing about Samira’s untimely death on February 22, 2014 was a “heart-wrenching” experience. After all, he’d been following her family around the world for several years at that point, invited to share and capture moments that were only witnessed by other family members.

Samira Frasch

“By this time, Samira had become a friend. We’d spend a lot of time together, have lunches sometimes and talk about things,” he said during “In Ice Cold Blood.” "When you know somebody that had been so excited and so full of life, it’s pretty heart-wrenching stuff.”

The news would only become more tragic when it came out that Samira’s murderer was none other than her supposedly beloved husband, Adam.

Ultimately, Silver, who had seen first-hand just how loving and devoted Samira had been to her kids, expressed the most sadness for the couple’s two children, Hyrah and Skynnah.

“[The kids] were the life and the breath of everything Samira did,” Silver said in the episode.