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In Ice Cold Blood

Newlywed Newly-Dead

S1/EP8 | Aired:
May 20, 2018
A high-speed car chase ends with a 40-year-old newlywed shot dead in front of her husband and stepdaughter. Is this a robbery gone wrong, a gang ordered hit, or something more sinister. (43:54)
In Ice Cold Blood

Single Mom, Double Life

S1/EP7 | Aired:
May 13, 2018
An amazing mom turns out to be living a double life, until she becomes the perfect victim. A web of deception, sex and murder send detectives on a multi-year hunt to figure out who could have taken out this mom. (43:54)
In Ice Cold Blood

Hillside Homicide

S1/EP6 | Aired:
May 6, 2018
After a life of hard work, one happy retiree is looking forward to easy peaceful days ahead. But a lover’s quarrel and a quick money scheme lead to murder. Hollywood is stunned when a body is found under its most famous landmark. (43:54)
In Ice Cold Blood

Sex, Swingers and Death

S1/EP5 | Aired:
April 29, 2018
To keep their marriage fresh, a young couple turns to a life of sex games and sharing spouses. But when threesomes and foursomes lead to murder, investigators struggle to prove who killed this swinger. (43:54)
In Ice Cold Blood

Jealousy’s a Killer

S1/EP4 | Aired:
April 22, 2018
A single mom is doing all she can to provide for her kids, including taking up with five sugar daddies to make ends meet. But when jealousy rears its ugly head, this mom winds up dead and her killer is not who you would expect. (43:54)
In Ice Cold Blood

Deadly Fetish

S1/EP3 | Aired:
April 15, 2018
The wife of a Marine, a pregnant dominatrix and a sex slave cross paths in a twisted tale of kidnapping, lies, and murder. (43:54)

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