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A Matter of Faith

S1/EP8 |
Aired: 08/31/2019
Following strict religious rules, Shele Covlin’s family buries her after she dies in an apparent accident. But when they question whether her death was really accidental, they must choose between religious law and criminal law to get justice. 43:44

Robbed of Justice?

S1/EP7 |
Aired: 08/24/2019
When disgraced real estate tycoon Andrew Kissel is found murdered in a Greenwich, CT mansion, there’s no shortage of suspects. As police trace how his life came to such a brutal end, answers—and justice—are elusive. 43:44

True Confession?

S1/EP6 |
Aired: 08/17/2019
When college professor Emily Mason is murdered, police quickly arrest her husband Walter, believing he confessed. Faced with evidence suggesting he may be innocent, a small Georgia town confronts the question of whether justice is being served. 43:43

Keep Your Friends Close

S1/EP5 |
Aired: 08/10/2019
New Jersey teenager Sarah Stern disappears, and cops look to her family and friends for clues. They discover that some of those closest to her may not have been all they seemed, unravelling a tale of misplaced trust and deadly greed. 43:43

A Killer Among Us

S1/EP4 |
Aired: 08/03/2019
Michelle Mockbee is beaten to death at the Kentucky warehouse where she works, and cops realize the killer is likely a coworker. They must eliminate employees one-by-one until the suspect is finally revealed, along with an outrageous motive. 43:44

A Deadly Search For Love

S1/EP3 |
Aired: 07/27/2019
When Utah teen Annie Kasprzak is brutally murdered, one solid lead after another evaporates in a haze of rumors and lies. After a suspect is finally in custody, Annie’s family fights to make sure this killer’s sentencing is just. 43:44

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