This New Detective App Is The Adult Version Of ‘Clue’ You’ve Been Waiting For

Forensic Detective: Inside the Crime Scene, Oxygen's new augmented reality app, transports armchair detectives out of their living rooms and into an active crime scene.

If you have a healthy true crime obsession, then one of your lifelong dreams probably revolves around reconstructing a crime scene and playing detective to solve a brutal murder. Fortunately, with Oxygen’s new augmented reality app, Forensic Detective: Inside the Crime Scene, you’ll get the chance to do just that.

To immerse yourself in the investigation, all you have to do is scan whatever room you’re in, and the AR app will build a life-size, hologram-like scene that’s revealed through your smartphone or tablet screen. The narrator then begins a seven-minute countdown and briefs you on the murder of Trent Park, a local musician who was found shot to death in his Nashville apartment.

From there, you comb through the room for clues and use forensic tools to inspect ballistics, examine phone records, analyze fingerprints, test blood samples, study shell casings and more. All the clues you rack up are cross-referenced with police records, which are projected on your wall just like a real precinct. The clues are then matched with background information and recorded statements from the four suspects, who are identified as Trent’s manager Dakota, Trent’s bassist Liam, Trent’s brother Roscoe and Trent’s wife Amber Lynn.

[Photo: Oxygen]

While all of the suspects seem to have their own particular motive, only one of them is guilty of killing Trent. Once you have enough evidence to fill your case file, you can accuse a suspect and find out if your armchair detective instincts were good enough to crack the case.

[Photo: Oxygen]

Forensic Detective: Inside the Crime Scene debuted Friday, May 4 at CrimeCon, and it's now available to download exclusively in the App Store

[Photo: Oxygen]

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