Episode 2 - Chrissy's Supersweet 16

Ever since that dress came into the store I knew I HAD to wear it!When I was 16 I never chose to get a new car. I wanted a Sweet 16, however at the time we didn't have the money to have a huge one and my dad thought a new car was much more financially realistic. In the end I got my party. Though it was a few years late, I still got it! I was totally surprised when I found out my family had done this for me. I had no idea about the party. When they were acting sneaky in the store, I thought they were trying to fix me up on ANOTHER blind date. I cannot believe they found the time and cared enough to do this for me. I truly have the best family!

Though I may have felt a bit overwhelmed by it all, I truly appreciate that my family FINALLY understood that I needed this closure. I didn't want the Sweet 16 just for the party, it was more for the experience, and we all had a great one! It was so much fun!!

When Kimberly and my friends bombarded me, they told me I had to wear a gown to the Sweet 16. I was like, "NO WAY!" However, when I saw that they had brought along the Claire's gown, I thought "ohhhhh ok, this I will put on!" Ever since that dress came into the store I knew I HAD to wear it. I didn't know when I would be able to, but I always hoped I would. Who knew I'd finally get to wear it for my Sweet 16, 11 years later?!


I always thought my dad and I had a special connection. Though he loves all three of us equally, I really played the 'middle-child card' growing up and he knew I needed more. Kim was always very outgoing and didn't need the pampering. As for me, I needed my dad! I have been waiting for years to have a father/daughter dance with him. My sister Kim had the chance to dance with him at both her Sweet 16 & her wedding, and I never had that. When I was able to finally get to dance with my dad it was a truly memorable experience; a memory that I will cherish forever!


At the time I was seeing that mystery boy it was new and exciting. He's a great guy but I wasn't really ready to settle down. I couldn't give him the commitment he wanted. We still talk and we are friendly with one another but we'll have to see what happens!

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