Episode 3- Jersey Goes Aspen

By permanenteditor
I am always over prepared.Fluff Me is a great business. We make people's dreams come true. Being able to go to Aspen really put my business into perspective. It was amazing to see the business grow. Erin's wedding proved to Christina and me that we can do anything, anywhere, anytime!

My sister and I work well together because we are so different. I am organized in an anal way. I am all business all the time, a perfectionist! I take pride in everything I do. How can I relax when others count on me to ensure things go smoothly? People pay me so that they can relax!

Chrissy is organized in a confident carefree way- She knew we were there to work and that is EXACTLY what we did!!

I am an adrenaline junkie, so Snow Shoeing was not my first choice of activity, but it was the one thing we knew that we would not get hurt doing. We could not chance getting injured and not being able to pull off Erin's wedding for her!

I am always over prepared. When I build a timeline and schedule for the weddings I coordinate, I always build in extra time and I always have a back up plan, just in case something changes or goes wrong. I have done Fluff Me visits for years, and nothing ever goes exactly as planned. Therefore, being able to adjust to whatever comes your way is what makes a good planner.

When Erin decided to change her plans I was nervous, but we pulled it off and everything came together in the end. She looked amazing! She was a snow bunny on the mountain and a wedding day princess in the ballroom. She was truly glowing, and Chrissy and I were so happy we got to do this for her.

My sister and I do not get enough time to spend together outside of the shop, and so another girls weekend would be so much fun! We are either always working or on the move. We would love to just kick back, relax, get our nails done, get facials and drink some champagne!
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