Episode 6- Prom Mania

By permanenteditor
The contest I made for my salesgirls is a way to give back to them for all their hard work. These girls go to school and work up to 30 hours a week during prom season with no commission. I like to reward them in a HUGE way!

Picking out prom gowns for my salesgirls is like picking out dresses for my own daughters. The girls who work for me need THE BEST gowns, and they get the pick of the litter!!! They deserve it!

Growing up my family struggled. Prom was financially out of my reach. We could not afford to splurge on a dress!! I always loved getting dolled up so not going to my prom was a huge regret for me. I wish I were as fortunate as the girls I dress today.

I know what's it's like to be down and have nothing. I also know what it's like to want something so bad that it hurts. The girls from Operation Fairy Dust may come from families that are struggling, but it's not their fault. These girls were good girls. They go to school, have part time jobs and were trying to better themselves. I wanted to make their dreams come true.

When my salesgirls go off to college it will be bittersweet. I know they have to move on, but it will be hard. I've known Jamie since she was 15. They all have blossomed into beautiful young ladies. I am so proud of them.

When the salesgirls came back to surprise me at the store I was floored!!

It was so nice that they thought of me on their big day!! I was teary eyed!

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