Episode 7- Fame and Fashion

It was crazy and surreal to be told the girls and I were going to be on the TODAY Show! I could not believe it. It amazed me!

Customizing gowns is a regular occurrence at Diane & Co. It is what makes our boutique unique from others. It is the best part of our job!

The ‘bra that does it all’ is great! We constantly re-order the magic bra. Selling out is not an option!


Every time I have to leave the boutique, I go into panic mode. I get so nervous. I need to be certain that my clients are taken care of and are getting the best service possible.

I knew our models were going to make it to the show on time! I had faith in them. Failure is not an option for me. This was a once in a lifetime chance to show the world our boutique.

I was honored that Kathy Lee and Hoda wanted to interview my beautiful girls. I was so proud of them after the interview was over.


They did an excellent job representing Diane & Co. Kim and Chrissy are so driven and such great kids!

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