Episode 8 - Should I Stay, or Should I Go

By permanenteditor
I feel like if she doesn't slow down, she's going to miss a lot of her life.

I truly hope that one day I will be able to fulfill my dreams of opening my own catering business. However, my family will always come first and I don't have the heart to leave them! I know my day will come.

Anytime I try to relax and have fun, Kim always wants to talk 'work.' We were at Mac's in Chicago to view his new collections and have a party, and Kim couldn't get work off her mind! I just don't understand people like her. I feel like if she doesn't slow down, she's going to miss a lot of her life.

Mac's house was amazing, and I was so surprised as to how beautiful the Sari's were, and how glamorous they make you feel. I'm always up for learning something new, and learning about the Indian culture was fantastic. Mac's friends and family were so welcoming. Oh, and he also lives in a pink house just like my parents! I love it!

Kim wants to expand the business further, and I am up for the challenge. Kim just has to learn to open up her world a little bit more and relax. If she does that, I will be by her side all the way. I don't want to ever disappoint our customers.

I love how supportive my friend Sam is of me. Sam was the first young lady that ever worked for my mom, back when she was sixteen. She knows our family and our business, and that's why I go to her when I have drama at the store. I am so thankful to have her as a friend and now my roommate.

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