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What Happened To These Twins After Their Millionaire Father Was Beaten To Death In Their Hamptons Home?

Adopted twins Greg and Alexa Ammon lost both of their parents in early 2000s, becoming orphans yet again.

By Brittany Du Bois
Killer Affair Sneak: Ted And Generosa Ammon's Bitter Divorce Had Roots In An Affair

Almost 18 years ago, Theodore “Ted” Ammon was found  beaten to death in bed, in his massive East Hampton manor house. Investigators identified at least 30 wounds on his head, with bruises and fractures caused by a blunt object, and that he had been incapacitated by a stun gun before the fatal blows were struck.

Leading up to his death, Ammon, 52, and his estranged former wife filed for a costly divorce. Ammon found major success as an investment banker, and after years of being with his wife, Generosa, he found himself funding her entire life, including her love affair with an unlicensed electrician, according to people interviewed on “Killer Affair,” which airs Thursday nights on Oxygen.

Greg and Alexa Ammon were 11 years old when their parents’ broken marriage resulted in their father’s violent murder. The Ammons adopted the twins, who were from Eastern Europe, as infants when the couple found that Generosa was having trouble getting pregnant.

After Ammon’s death, the siblings were briefly separated, the New York Times reported, while Greg attended boarding school and Alexa stayed in East Hampton, but the two ultimately ended up living together with their aunt, Sandra Williams in Alabama.

“People say, ‘How are you surviving?” Greg told the Times in 2012. He shared that their circumstances were nothing compared to those of children in poverty. “And I think: ‘What are you talking about? I feel completely normal.’” 

Ted Ammon’s written benefactor to his entire $81.4 million estate was Generosa, Vanity Fair reported. Most of his financial assets, personal property and effects remained appointed to his spouse, even throughout the divorce process. The money was not distributed, due to the pending homicide investigation, however, and in the end, it was Greg and Alexa who were given the assets.

By the time their father’s murder trial ended, which was three years after the murder, the twins were young teenagers. At the killer’s sentencing, Greg and Alexa both shared utter disappointment. The murderer, after all, was their mother’s lover, Daniel Pelosi, a financially troubled, unlicensed electrician from Long Island. Pelosi and Generosa got married a few months after Ammon died, but Generosa passed away from breast cancer before the trial. Pelosi was close with the twins because, before he killed Ammon, he had taken care of the kids, drove them around, and lived with them along with Generosa for some time, according to “Killer Affair.”

“I don’t know how Mr. Pelosi lives with himself after what he has done to our family,” Alexa said at the sentencing in 2004, as seen in “Killer Affair.” “I hope he rots away in jail.”

Pelosi was sentenced to 25 years to life in prison. The twins lived quietly outside of media attention until Greg decided to make a documentary about their lives and their deceased parents.

Greg told the Times that he wanted to learn about his parents on his own, and not from the media. The twins, then 20 years old, visited family, returned to the mansion where their father was killed, and went overseas to find their birth mother, who turned out to be a prostitute who died of alcoholism. The documentary, “59 Middle Lane,” was released in 2015.

On the most recent anniversary of his father’s death, Greg Ammon, now married with a child, posted a photo of himself, Alexa, and Ted Ammon on Instagram:

Even though I only had a short time with my parents, they have given my sister and I so much to be thankful for and I’m very appreciative of that. If you’re fortunate enough to still have your folks around, do yourself a favor and remind them how much you love them.”

For the whole, twisted story of the Ammon’s collapsing marriage and an affair that ended in murder, watch Episode 4 of “Killer Affair,” and catch new episodes Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

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