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Crime News Snapped: Killer Couples

Couple 'Laughing And Smiling' In Walmart Surveillance Footage After Killing Woman's Grandma And Her Husband

After killing her grandmother and her husband, Jordan Hodge and her boyfriend, Kenneth Carlisle, spent $11,000 over the course of 10 days. 

By Aly Vander Hayden

In the summer of 2017, grandmother Linda McAllister was busy remodelling her home in Conway, South Carolina with husband William Clemons. 

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The couple, who had recently wed, was excited for a fresh start, but their new life together was cut short that July when they mysteriously vanished. 

Family members were notified by a contractor working on the home that when he arrived for work, he found the sliding door unlocked and the house in disarray. McAllister’s two dogs had not been fed, and there was excrement all over the floor. 

Along with McAllister and Clemons, their blue Dodge Ram pickup truck was also missing from the driveway. 

Loved ones soon realized that no one had heard from the newlyweds since July 3, five days prior, and McAllister’s daughter, Dara Hodge, reached out to her daughter, Jordan Hodge, to see if she had been in contact.  

Jordan claimed that McAllister had left for Ohio, where Clemons grew up, for a family emergency and that she had been charged with taking care of the dogs while they were away. While Dara was furious that Jordan had failed to feed or walk the dogs, she was relieved to know that her mother and Clemons were safe. 

Still, neither of them had answered their calls, and Dara reached out to several of Clemons’ family members over Facebook hoping to get an update on the couple’s whereabouts.  

As she waited for a response, Dara went over to the house to see if there were any clues about their disappearance, and she found even more puzzling aspects at the scene. McAllister’s toothbrush was in the bathroom, and her asthma medicine, which she usually kept in her purse, had been left out. 

“There were phone chargers plugged in the wall. There was a TV on. It looked like someone had just walked out of the house in the middle of the afternoon,” Conway Police Detective Sergeant Heath Watford told “Killer Couples,” airing Thursdays at 8/7c on Oxygen

Hoping they would return home at any minute, Dara decided to wait a bit longer before going to the police.  

Linda William Kc 1402

The next morning, however, there was even more cause for concern. Dara received two phone calls from Clemons’ family members who said there was no family emergency in Ohio and that they had not been in contact with Clemons or McAllister.  

The following day, Dara went back to the house for another quick look around and discovered her mother’s shoes laying in the middle of the floor and her wallet, which had been emptied of cash and credit cards, in the bedroom. A bank bag containing the titles and keys to various vehicles was also missing from their bedroom. 

Looking around, Dara found that a framed wedding photo on the bedside table had been turned down. 

“Someone didn’t like to look in their face anymore and they had a guilty conscience. So, they pushed it down,” Dara told “Killer Couples.” 

Once Dara reported her findings to local police, they formally opened an investigation into the couple’s whereabouts. Dara then drove to Jordan’s trailer, hoping that if her mother and Clemons had returned safely from their trip, they might have headed straight to Jordan to confront her about the condition of the house and the dogs. 

As Dara drove by, she saw McAllister’s truck backed in on the trailer’s property. Dara quickly reached out to her husband, who called 911 to report her findings, and investigators began digging deeper into Jordan’s past. 

Jordan had always been close with her parents, but after she met boyfriend Kenneth Carlisle, their relationship began to fracture. Both Dara and Jordan’s father, Anthony Hodge, did not approve of Carlisle and his criminal past, and the constant contention resulted in Jordan moving out. 

She wasn’t out of a home for long, however, because McAllister agreed to take her and Carlisle in under the condition that they would help with the remodel. Eventually, McAllister hit her own breaking point when she discovered that $5,000 in cash she had set aside for a new hot tub was missing and suspected that Carlisle had stolen it. 

The couple soon moved out and settled into a trailer home about 20 minutes outside of Conway, and shortly before McAllister and Clemons’ disappearance, Dara attempted to convince her daughter to leave Carlisle one last time. 

Jordan then blocked her mother, father, and family friends from her phone and social media accounts. 

When police arrived at the trailer to question Jordan and Carlisle about the disappearance, Jordan recounted the same story she had told her mother, adding that her grandmother had agreed to lend her the truck after her own car broke down. 

She claimed she never told her mother about borrowing the vehicle because of their falling-out, and that McAllister also gave her the credit cards in case she needed to buy anything for the dogs while they were out of town. Jordan alleged the hand-off occurred between 1 and 2 p.m. on July 4, 2017. 

Asked by police if they could look inside the truck, both Jordan and Carlisle said they had lost the keys, which raised their suspicions. 

The next morning, investigators received the financial records from McAllister’s bank, revealing a pattern of suspicious purchases made on McAllister’s credit card that began soon after she and Clemons went missing.  

Starting around midnight on 4th of July, multiple charges were made at a local Walmart close to $1,000, including cash back.  

“For a credit card that was meant to be used just for dog food, it didn’t match up with the receipts,” Anna Young, a reporter for The Sun News, told “Killer Couples.”  

Police pulled footage from the Walmart surveillance cameras, and it showed Jordan and Carlisle pulling up to the parking lot in McAllister’s blue truck. 

“They made all their big purchases. They were laughing and smiling, looked like a normal, happy couple,” Watford said. 

Jordan Kenny

More surveillance footage showed the two using McAllister’s bank card at a string of ATMs, and it was discovered they spent about $11,000 in roughly 10 days, purchasing items including cheese dip, air conditioning units, and hair dye — everything except dog food. 

The footage also proved that they borrowed the truck and credit cards a full 12 hours before Jordan said they did, contradicting her statements to police.  

Both Jordan and Carlisle were arrested for theft and credit card fraud, but a shocking discovery two days later ultimately saw them charged with murder. 

Near a local river, two bodies were found hidden in the brush, covered with leaf debris. Autopsies confirmed they were the remains of McAllister and Clemons, and they had both suffered gunshot wounds to the head. McAllister was 64, and Clemons was 45. 

Investigators then secured a search warrant for the truck, and inside, they found a substantial amount of blood as well as bloodied paper towels. In the truck bed, they found old floormats covered in even more blood, and DNA testing proved it came from McAllister and Clemons. 

Police also collected multiple .25 caliber shell casings, which were a match to the .25 caliber bullet lodged in McAllister’s skull.  

By analysing the vehicle’s internal computer and GPS system, authorities learned that on July 3, 2017, the truck left the couple’s home and picked up Jodan and Carlisle. They then parked in a nearby wooded area, which is when investigators believe they were shot. 

The truck then drove to another location on Browns Chapel Avenue by the river where the bodies were dumped. 

After the murder, Jodan and Carlisle headed to a car wash and then Walmart to pick up bleach and other cleaning agents consistent with a possible homicide. 

On July 16, 2017, the young couple was charged with two counts of first-degree murder. During the trial, a witness testified that he had sold a .25 caliber weapon to Carlisle prior to the murders.  

Both were found guilty on all counts and sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.  

To hear more from Jordan’s family, watch “Killer Couples” now on Oxygen.com

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