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Crime News Snapped: Killer Couples

Woman Accidentally Shot And Paralyzed By Her Own Lover In Failed Plot To Murder Husband

Looking to kill her husband and collect life insurance money, Alesia Warrior was hit in the spine and paralyzed from the waist down.

By John Thrasher
Killer Couples 910: Alesia Warrior & Darrell Rodgers

Alesia Warrior thought that she had it all figured out when it came to the murder of her husband—but what happened instead, which was chronicled in a recent episode of "Killer Couples" (Saturdays at 6/5c), was a tragedy for everyone involved.  

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With love at first sight, Alesia married her husband Jeremy within a year of meeting him. But after the two settled in to married life, Jeremy began taking more shifts at work to keep up with their monetary obligations. Alesia, who was left home alone while Jeremy was at work, found herself out at clubs and partying in an attempt to feel less lonely. 

Alesia eventually met a 31-year-old named Darell Rogers at a local club and had an instant attraction to him, leading to a sexual encounter. Realizing that this wasn't just a one-night stand, Darell Rogers and Alesia Warrior continued to meet up with each other behind her husband's back. 

One morning, at 5:30 a.m., Alesia Warrior and her husband Jeremy Warrior were shot while driving in her Nissan Altima. An eye witness who happened to be outside during the shooting told "Killer Couples" that a man came out of an SUV in front of the Nissan Altima, walked up the Warriors' car and shot inside the vehicle. The man also saw the shooter get back in the SUV and speed off. 

Jeremy Warrior was killed as a result of his gunshot wounds. Alesia survived the attack, but due to a bullet hitting her spinal cord, she became paralyzed from the waist down. 

Police were hoping to get details of the attack from Alesia at the hospital. When asked who would want to kill Jeremy Warriors, Alesia mentioned his ex-girlfriend, who had been in an altercation with Jeremy years prior which involved a gun. Jeremy, according to "Killer Couples," had been charged for shooting his ex-girlfriend in the foot during an altercation and served six years behind bars. When police confronted Jeremy's ex-girlfriend, however, she maintained that she was home in bed at the time of the shooting.

Eventually, Alesia described the attackers as two Hispanic males. But after Jeremy's uncle spotted a young suspicious man visiting Alesia at the hospital, he informed the police, and they investigated. Police put together that Alesia could have been having an affair with Darell, but she denied it. Noticing that she seemed scared of him, police reassured her that she was protected and that giving the correct information was vital. 

Alesia then retracted her original statement and named Darell Rogers as the shooter, not two Hispanic men that she mentioned in her original statement. Alesia mentioned that she tried to break up with Darell, but he didn't take the news well and that he came to her hosptial room threatening to kill her if she told anyone he was the shooter.

The Notorious Attacks of Passion

With identification and motive, charges were filed for Darell Rogers, and he was apprehended on May 8, 2005. 

But in a shocking twist, Alesia's attorney said that Alesia could not identify Darell as the shooter and that her original statement about the shooters being two Hispanic men was indeed the truth. Because of this, police could not keep Rogers, and he was released. 

During this time, Alesia had collected nearly $400,000 in life insurance money and had apparently moved in with Rogers, making big purchases like vehicles and furniture.

Nearly three years passed without any developments in the case. Then, according to "Killer Couples," a friend of Darell's came forward to police, claiming he had been asked by both Darell and Alesia to be the getaway driver in an attack. When questioned by police, Darell Rogers said that Alesia had planned the hit all along, but he would not confess to pulling the trigger.

As for Jeremy's family, they believed that Alesia was guilty.

Killer Couples 910: Sinister and Personal Motive

"We all just basically maintained faith. I knew she was guilty from day one. I knew she was," Tranina Warrior told "Killer Couples."

The prosecution was worried that Alesia being paralyzed and in a wheelchair would make the jury sympathetic and thus unlikely to convict. The jury, however, agreed with Tranina. According to court records, Alesia Warrior "was convicted by a jury of the premeditated first-degree murder of her husband" and "conspiracy to commit first-degree murder." She was sentenced to 50 years in prison. Darell Rogers  pleaded guilty to his involvement. According to The Kansas City Star, he was sentenced to life in prison with no chance of parole for 20 years. 

Alesia is serving her sentence at the Topeka Correctional Facility. In 2016, according to The Kansas City Star, Darell was busted for trafficking drugs inside the Lansing Correctional Facility in Kansas. 

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