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Melissa Bredow and Jason Belanger

S11/EP10 |
Aired: March 25, 2019
A woman reconnects with her childhood boyfriend, but their rekindled romance falls under suspicion when someone close to them is savagely murdered. 43:52

Tia Skinner and Jonathan Kurtz

S11/EP9 |
Aired: March 18, 2019
Desperate teen lovers trigger a deadly chain of events. 43:52

Sherry Engel and Timmy Rogers

S11/EP8 |
Aired: March 11, 2019
A woman’s friendship with a younger man falls under suspicion when her husband is brutally murdered. 43:52

Lynn Hajny and Tommy Douyette

S11/EP7 |
Aired: March 4, 2019
The death of a wealthy businessman exposes a bizarre murder conspiracy. 43:52

Violet and Philip Walter

S11/EP6 |
Aired: February 25, 2019
A young couple becomes the primary suspects in the bizarre death of a police officer. 43:52

Pamela Lawson and Lekev Spivey

S11/EP5 |
Aired: February 18, 2019
A single mother finds romance with an old friend, but their lives are upended by a deadly secret. 43:52

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