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S1/EP4 |
Aired: 11/26/2016
A vivacious young woman escapes to a small town, she befriends an emotionally scarred woman, whose possessive best friend becomes very jealous. With the addition of a handsome stranger a chain of events unfold that ends in murder. Episode 104 43:44

Gates House

S1/EP3 |
Aired: 11/19/2016
A young teacher moves into the Gates House to escape a volatile relationship, she finds herself caught between an ex-con and his jealous girlfriend. When she befriends a shy newcomer, it sets them all on a path that ends in murder. Episode 103 42:54


S1/EP2 |
Aired: 11/12/2016
A young woman who lives in her imagination falls for a man who offers her the stability she needs. After they start a home together their new neighbors drive a wedge between them. Jealousy and betrayals lead to a mysterious murder. Episode 102 42:54

Money Problems

S1/EP1 |
Aired: 11/05/2016
A genre-breaking new crime series. Faye has survived a life of trouble and begins anew. After she befriends a mysterious woman, a path to murder ignites, leaving us guessing until the very end as to who is the predator and who is the prey. 43:24