I just went for it and kissed him.

At first I thought the wrapping challenge was kind of lame but when we told the guys about the twist things got a little interesting. The challenge separated the guys who were willing to go all out to impress us from the ones who just ended up chickening out. It was a lot of fun to hear the guys sing. Especially the guys who had to sing opera. Of all the guys performances I actually thought Matt did the best because he was very theatrical and it was really entertaining :) I was overruled because Sarah wanted one of her guys to win. I thought Nick's rap was kind of lame actually.I picked Michael and Justin to go on the date with me. I thought Justin was pretty attractive so I wanted to get to know him a little better. Michael and I have a similar educational background in politics so I wanted to explore that a little more. The roller rink was something fun and unique. It was really cool for all of us to hang out. I liked Matt. I thought he was cool and a lot of fun. I was in the house to try something different and Matt is definitely something different. So I just went for it and kissed him. Devan was on the chopping block because I couldn't figure him out. Considering the short amount of time we had in the house he needed to step it up. At the elimination honestly, I was disgusted when Amber told Dan he makes her skin crawl. I thought it was so rude and out of line. I loved Dan's personality and I felt that he lightened up the house. He took it well though.Overall I think Michael was sent home because we wanted more time with the other guys, not with us. There was no specific thing about Michael that was saving him in the house. My advice for the guys was to make themselves indispensable... and Michael didn't.

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