I slapped Nick at the club BECAUSE HE TOLD ME TO!!

I was miserable when I found out that the guys were going to shop for us at a thrift store. I'm not snotty by any means, but I was scared to put on clothes that someone else wore before me... What if they didn't wash them?! But, this episode was about "going green" and being environmentally friendly, so I took it for what it was worth and played along. I thought my grey dress was disgusting! It was seventeen sizes too small -- I have CURVES, boys!! Amber's outfit came with a purse/makeup case that we all got a kick out of. Kendra's dress didn't look as bad as mine or Ambers though. The second group was much more fun! I thought my bunny ears were absolutely adorable and Amber's dress fit her perfectly! Even though Kendra's dress was terrible, we decided to pick team two as the winners because they obviously put in more effort.When Amber picked Dan for her date, I was ready to give up on this show. I mean, how many times can a girl change her mind?! But, that's just my Cookie-- gotta love her! I knew that Kendra was jealous of my connections with the guys, so I wasn't surprised when she asked Nick to go on date with her. First she tried to get rid of Tim, then she tried to steal Nick?! When I picked Akoni for a date, I honestly just wanted him to mess up so I had a reason to put him up for elimination. I hadn't had a connection with him at all and, to be honest, I kind of thought he was creepy. I was glad that I had such a terrible time on my date with him so that I had a reason to get him up on the hearts and eliminate him!I slapped Nick at the club BECAUSE HE TOLD ME TO!! I yelled at him and (I doubt they will show this) he told me several times to just smack him so I would feel better -- so I did! For the record, I felt much better after slapping Nick. I did feel bad, though, because I slapped him so hard that his earring flew out of his ear and he started bleeding! I immediately apologized because, deep down, I didn't want to hurt him.I put Akoni up for elimination because he was annoying and creepy. This is just my opinion. He had this creepy stare when he looked at any of us, and above all, he wasn't treating Kendra right. Kendra really did like Akoni and he took that for granted. It made Kendra really upset when he stopped fighting for her. When Kendra decided to send Akoni home, I was glad. As much as the three of us girls argue, and even though Kendra tried to steal Nick from me, I always want the best for the other two girls. In the end, Akoni was NOT good for Kendra and I was very proud that she realized that.

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