I truly didnt see that coming.

Okay, this had to be the craziest episode by far!

Kudos to Matt and Nick for going waaaayyyy beyond anything I would have done. If you thought Cosmo having his nipple pierced was crazy and painful enough, you have to think Nick should be committed to an asylum. C'mon buddy, you just put a girl's name on your ass who you're not even sure is gonna pick you? If Sarah doesn't pick you, how the hell are you going to explain that to your next girlfriend? I have mixed emotions on the whole Tim thing. Look, asking someone to show the world their bank statement is asking a lot...but to have a girl’s name on your ass, now that's commitment!

When I was told that I was going to ask one of the girls to leave, I truly didn't see that coming. They actually dropped that on me right before eliminations. I have to be honest; as much as I love Amber (and the other two as well,) she was the obvious choice. Her connection with Joe was not as strong as Sarah and Kendra's with their men. Amber was really just so-so with Joe, and it seemed like the obvious choice to me. I'll miss you Amber. I'm out kids, God Bless!

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