I was happy when Tim was up for elimination.

I was so disappointed when the guys made me the meat dishes. I felt like I made it clear to them that I only ate veggies. I mean they only had to remember things about the 3 of us. We had to remember stuff about 13 of them. It shouldnt have been that hard. I picked Joe because I was attracted to him and Dante because he won the challenge. I was definitely feeling Joe more than Dante on the date. I was trying to let him know that I wanted him to go for it and tried to make him feel more comfortable with me. There wasnt too much chemistry between Dante and me on the date, but he is a really cool guy. I did not like the fight between Dan and Dante. I was telling Dante at dinner how much I hate when people fight and how I wanted a mature man. When we got back to the house all I wanted was to have a good time and they were fighting. I was like what is this? I never saw the fight between Nick and Tim when we were in the house. I dont remember anything about that. Seeing it now it just seemed silly. It was all that Alpha-male stuff. Why cant we all just get along? Lol Later on, I was really happy when Dante apologized. We really wanted to keep him in the house. I mean it was sad that he started to fight again because we thought he was sincere.When Devan commented on Sarahs chest I wasnt even there. I was trying to calm Dante down, but hearing about it I wasnt that offended by it. The other girls took it differently than I would have. I think I would have just said thanks. I was happy when Tim was up for elimination. People who are cocky frustrate me and he was very cocky. Someone needed to knock him down a few pegs. Majority rules, so we (Kendra and me) could have sent him home but we didnt, I mean we are not that much of b*tches. At the elimination we were actually leaning towards sending someone else home, but Dantes answer was so bad. He just had a horrible attitude about the fight that in the end we had to send him home. His answer was just not good enough. There was no way we could keep him after that.

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