I was honestly only impressed with Nick.

I was so happy when Tanisha came to the house! Obviously, the girl is a BADASS and knows how to speak her mind! I really value her opinion on things of that nature.

When the guys did their devotion challenges, I was honestly only impressed with Nick. Matt and Justin had pretty lame challenges—a phone is easily replaced and a nipple ring can be taken out easily. Joe’s street corner display was sweet, but it definitely didn’t compare to the magnitude of Nick’s expression of devotion. I mean, the kid got a freaking TATTOO!! Even if he gets the tat covered up with something else, it will still be there—albeit under the cover-up. Nick’s expression of devotion was permanent and extremely romantic! On the other hand, I was extremely disappointed with Tim’s lack of devotion. I understand that showing someone your bank statement is extremely personal, but when that is your only selling point, you better be able to put your money where your mouth is! If I had been in Tim’s situation, I wouldn’t have shown anyone my bank statement either—but I also wouldn’t brag about how much money I have. Given all this, Nick was the CLEAR winner.

I chose Nick for the solo date because I was so impressed with his performance in the challenge. He could have opted to just get the Bad Girls heart tattoo, but he went balls (or butt? LOL) to the wall and got my name AND the heart. There was no way I was letting him sit home again tonight! Nick and I had such an amazing time mini-golfing. I got to play around with him, flirt, and get some good conversation in as well. I was really feeling Nick by the end of our date.
Because Nick and I had such a great date (and I was so incredibly turned on by the fact that he got MY NAME tattooed on his ass), I asked him to hang out with me alone in my room. Our bedroom was one of the places that was “off limits” to the guys and I wanted spend some time with him in a “forbidden” room of the house. I felt sooo sneaky going in there with him, too! Lol.

When I think about the fight with Tim and me now, I don’t really remember it. Everyone had been drinking and, if I remember correctly, it was about something silly. Tim made a comment because he was upset and jealous, and I gave in and fought with him. I have a really bad temper sometimes, but I’m working on it. At this point, I couldn’t handle the pressure and just blew up at Tim. It was unfair and childish of me, and I should have kept my cool.

When Bret revealed that one of us girls had to go home, I couldn’t believe it. I seriously thought it was a joke! Looking back, I feel really, really bad about telling Amber right off the bat that she should go home. In all reality, I liked Amber much more than I liked Kendra, and I would have rather stayed in the house living with Amber. I figured though, that because Amber had pretty much made up her mind about who she wanted to be with (the not-so-average Joe) so, in my mind, she had already met her guy. What more did she need to figure out in the house? Nothing. Plus, Amber and Joe lived 10 minutes away from each other in Arizona so they could have dated and spent time together in the “real world,” whereas Justin, Matt, Nick, and Tim didn’t have that option with Kendra and me.

I’m sure I’m going to get a lot of sh*t for sending my friend home and choosing to live with Kendra, but for what it’s worth, I really regret that decision now.

See what Kendra thought of it all on her blog.
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