Amber on Love Games Episode 1: Game On

When the limo pulled up to pick up the guys, I thought that they were all extremely attractive. I was actually a little intimidated by them. They were all physically fit, well-dressed and sexy looking guys of all types -- tall, buff, brunette, blonde, etc. I actually couldn’t decide who I wanted to get to know first.

Two guys really stood out for me. Out of all of the guys in the house, I was immediately attracted to Benz. He was put together so well and looked like the ideal man. He was muscular, good height, dressed well and looked extremely classy. Eduardo left a strong positive impression in my mind. Eduardo was talking about where he was from and about his family. Eduardo reminded me a lot of myself and I was really taken back by him. I enjoyed hearing his stories about his dating and family life. I thought Eduardo would be the player type when I initially met him. He seemed like a ladies’ man, so I was happy to learn that he is just a really sweet nice guy that isn’t into seeing how many chicks he can bang out in one night :)

When I met my fellow Bad Girls Leaand Natalie, I had mixed feelings. I had never seen Lea’s show, but I had heard that she was a firecracker and had a bad experience with a blonde, so I just figured that she and I probably wouldn’t get along. When I saw that Natalie was going to be on the show, I was concerned to say the least. I saw a couple of Natalie’s episodes from BGC, and when I saw her episodes, I knew that was one girl I was glad didn’t make it on my season. Knowing that I had to live with her and compete against her terrified me. When I saw that Tanisha was going to be our host, I was really excited! Tanisha holds nothing back and isn’t afraid to tell you how it is, and I find her honesty very refreshing. Anytime that I’ve spent with Tanisha has always been educational and pleasurable.

Meeting all the guys was fun. When I asked Taylorif he was into girls, I was trying to lighten the mood, and say inappropriate things to make the guys laugh. Most of the guys seemed really nervous and uptight about having cameras in their faces, so I tried to make them laugh and asked them weird questions. I asked Taylor if he was into girls just to get him to talk. Taylor seemed very reserved, and I knew asking such a crazy question would make him loosen up and talk and laugh with the rest of us. I knew Taylor was into girls, I just wanted him to relax.

I was not at all upset that I didn’t win the kiss and tell challenge! I do not believe in kissing on the first date. Kissing is an intimate thing for me and I especially don’t want sloppy seconds. I like to wait awhile to make sure I really like a guy before I start swapping spit. Guess I am not such a “Bad Girl”. I talk like a Bad Girl, but when it comes to physicality, I’m a good girl. I am looking for the one, not a one-night stand. When I go out on dates, I make sure that the guy respects me and isn’t on the date for sex. I want to know that he’s on the date because he wants to know me as a person, not just get in my pants.

I chose Corey B. as my second date because he is extremely good looking and different from my normal type. I always end up dating really buff guys and even though he has an incredible body, he’s not a meathead. On top of his good looks, he was so sweet and I had only had a few brief interactions with Corey B. leading up to my decision. He seemed very interesting, and I felt a genuine connection, so I thought I would get to know him better. Turns out that was a great decision on my part. I was right on all accounts and come on -- he’s HOTT!!!

During elimination I was extremely nervous and sick to my stomach. I hate hurting people’s feelings and making them feel like they aren’t wanted. Each one of the guys have good characteristics, and are good people, but I can’t date all 15, so as hard as it was to pick someone to stay and others to go home, I had no choice but to choose who I think would be best suited for me. On the flip side it is fun to “play God.” I definitely like the control.

I chose to keep Matthew as opposed to Greg and Eduardo because Matthew was SO sweet. He was a gentleman to us girls and I wanted to get to know him more (remember I am looking for love, not a one night stand). I liked Eduardo, and thought that he was attractive so I was hoping Natalie would save him, as for Greg, he wasn’t exactly my type, and he talked about his ex-girlfriend A LOT, which lead me to believe that he was still seeing her.

This season on Love Games you can look forward to a lot of fights, a lot of jealousy, a lot of hurt feelings and a lot of “what the f?” moments, and of course more of me!


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