Lea on Love Games Episode 8: Last Bad Girl Standing

I always knew that in the end it would come down to Nat and me, but I wasn’t the least bit worried. I had to choose between Nick, Benz and Robert. That was a tough decision. My night with Rob was great! It confirmed that he really was the guy for me. When Benz told me that I should pick Rob I was upset, angry, and disappointed. But ultimately I made the right decision. But even after what happened with Benz, even if given a second chance, I would never choose Nick over him, because Benz and I had a connection from the moment we met.

It feels great to be the winner of Love Games! I got the guy I wanted and I won the whole show! What more could a girl ask for? After the show, Rob flew me to out to West Palm Beach where I met his family, and we spent a great week together. But as you know a bad girl is always on the go, so he and I are just friends now... Since then I’ve just been doing a lot of traveling and spending time overseas with my family!

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