Lea On Season 2 Of Love Games

Ive been on tour doing appearances since the Bad Girls House. Being on the road has been so hectic!

I’m looking for someone who I can bring on the road with me and someone that I can spend time with that gets my lifestyle.

To date a Bad Girl, it takes a whole lot of confidence. If you’re lacking in that department, even just a little, I’ll chew you up and spit you out. You may be a “Bad Boy”, but you’ll never be badder than me. So, save the bullsh*t for your ex and be sincere.


What’s my strategy for winning Love Games? A Bad Girl never gives away her secrets ;)

When I first saw the Bad Girls I’m competing against, I thought “I have this in the bag, but it’s definitely going to be a long summer!” It was great working with Tanisha, aka T-Money! She has a great sense of humor and I loved working with her.

Bad Girls fans can look forward to a whole lot of sexy drama on Love Games.

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