Judi on Love Games 302

I thought John was very cute. He is also a bad guy and Im attracted to bad guys. Yea we had a secret kiss but it was just a kiss. I was irritated that Pasquale ran and told Sydney about it because males shouldnt be gossipers! Thats a female trait.

Pasquale started yelling at me out of nowhere. I didnt care. I was sleepy and I just wanted to go to sleep. Then something unexpected happened. Sydney defended me. That was nice of Sydney.

I loved the rap challenge. This was so my thing! I was very happy when I was announced the winner. I knew Id win.

I put Koris guys up for elimination -- Michael, Chris, and Pasquale. They arent Team Judi so they have to go! Plus, Michael and Chris were caught alone together in the bathroom. I mean, live and let live, but not while youre competing for our love.

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