Judi on Love Games 303

I was irritated when Sydney came to the room and was mad that John didnt want to spend time with her. Its not a big deal and I do not play when Im asleep!

Pasquale came to talk to me but I wasnt sure how to feel about him. He is known to have a big mouth. You never know who to trust in this game.

Ugh! The Status Wheel Challenge. I hated this challenge lol. The truth hurts! I was not surprised by any of the guys answers. When Sydney was announced as the HBIC, I just knew she was probably going to put my guys up for elimination.

I was really feeling this weeks date! I love boats and seafood! It was so much fun and both Joey and Matthew are both funny. My full attention was on Matthew though. When I got back from the date Jordan surprised me with a romantic bubble bath. Jordan is a sweet person. No one has ever done that for me before.

I knew Sydney would go crazy when she saw John was hanging out with me. Oh well.
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